Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Who can use WedPlan?

A. Wedding planners are ideal users for the WedPlan software. However, you can save countless hours of your precious time if you have a wedding in your family.

Q. How much does WedPlan cost?

A. WedPlan costs Rs 5,100 (inclusive of GST). You can use this for up to 1 year. This is insignificant compared to the total cost of managing the wedding and will pay back for itself within a few days by way of the 100s of hours it will save.

Q. How to download the WedPlan software?

A. Actually, there is nothing to download or install. Once your WedPlan account is created, you can simply use it by logging in from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Q. How many users do WedPlan allow?

A. Infinite. Anyone who you authorise can use WedPlan to help you plan and manage the details. You can also restrict your users to using only certain options.

Q. How to buy the WedPlan software?

A. This wedding planning software is easy to buy. Once you have made the payment, we will set up your own account and then, you can simply login with your user name and password to start using it.

Q. Why should I use WedPlan when I plan with Excel?

A. Excel is a very useful software as a spreadsheet but it is not suitable for planning a complex event like a wedding. You have to do too many things manually and need to tackle multiple sheets and complex formulae.

In contrast, WedPlan is very easy to operate, available 24×7 from anywhere in the world and your entire family or management team can use it. It lets you send emails and SMS to your guests directly from the software. You don’t need to update files and send them to your team every now and then.