Wedding Planning & Management - Simplified!

Still planning your clients' weddings with Excel? Wedding planning is complicated and you might be trying to go places riding a bullock cart.

How do you manage the 100s of tasks, guest lists, invitations, emails, SMSs, arrivals & departures, hotels and cars? Excels are clumsy and diaries are unmanageable. Difficult to update and never in sync.

Introducing WedPlan Software!

Plan and manage your Indian weddings in a team mode (unlimited users). Every one sees and updates the same data. Get a summary view on a dashboard and drill down to any area for a detailed look. Makes life much simpler and you can spend more time on the creative aspects rather than managing logistics. You don’t need to download or install any software. Just sign-up and start using.

Special offer: We can get you started even faster by importing your existing contact list from phone backup, Excel or Outlook.

Check out the exclusive price offer for professional wedding planners.

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Client Testimonials

The large number of options in WedPlan software was at first instance overwhelming but as I started using it
for planning the wedding of my son, I realised its true value. The software has almost everything that one might need to
plan an Indian wedding and the interface is friendly and accommodating.

- Ramesh Kumar Ruia, Kolkata

Key Benefits

WedPlan is an online wedding planning software for stress-free management of any Indian wedding. Your clients enjoy the wedding rituals and love you for your efficient management. Get rid of those pesky diaries and Excel sheets - plan weddings the modern way!

Guest List

Extensive guest list management features.


Track invitations and RSVPs.

Email and SMS

Send email and SMS invites.


Gifts & envelopes to be given.

Card and Sweets

Card and sweets distribution support.

Received Gifts

Received gifts with thank-you notes.

Hotel & Cars

Hotel rooms & Cars management.

Guests & Vendors

Individual logins for guests and vendors.


Venue & event co-ordination.


Events, ceremonies, guests' arrival & departure calendar.


Individual logins for support people and volunteers.

Tablets & Mobiles

Access your data while you are on the move.


Extensive alerts for events and situations.


Menu management for all events.


Budget management

Samagri Lists

Samagri for different functions.


Extensive task management.

Outstation Guests

Outstation guests – arrivals, departures, hotel bookings and more.

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Whether you are planning a wedding in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore, or even Ahmedabad, Vadodara or Pune, WedPlan software helps you to plan the marriage easily and manage the different aspects of guest management smoothly. Organise your things to do and collaborate with your team and the client family - easily!


Only Rs 5,100 per year
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