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WedPlan software is highly affordable for all the benefits it provides. Your team can manage the guests lists, invitations, sweets and card distribution, arrivals & departures and tons of other information from wherever and whenever they like. However it has strict password controlled access for security.

End Users

If you have a wedding in your family, you can use this innovative software for a low monthly fee.

Fee per year Rs 5,100

Wedding Planners

We have a special offer for professional wedding planners like you.

5 weddings license for 1 year Rs 21,000
10 weddings license for 1 year Rs 40,000
20 weddings license for 1 year Rs 70,000

Note: You can manage 5, 10 or 20 weddings in parallel. However, once a wedding is over, you can reuse the license to manage another wedding.

Check out a FREE demo or view payment process to get started immediately. Call 09831027107 if you have any questions.

Special offer: We will import your data from the phone, Excel or Outlook free of cost.

"I subscribed for the WedPlan service in August 2015 for my wedding which was coming up in January 2016. WedPlan made my wedding planning very structured, and its well-planned and meticulous features never gave me an opportunity to miss out on any detail whether it is ceremonies, gifts, events, vendors, card distribution etc.

Forseeing my marriage in early 2015, I had already started preparing a detailed guest list on Microsoft Excel with my parents but the comprehensiveness which WedPlan allows in its own data of guest list is simply amazing. It allows one to go into great details such as providing individual preferences and facilities for guests, setting reminders about serving them on certain dates and occasions etc.

WedPlan's interface is pleasing to the eye, easy-to-use, comprehensive and easily accessible across mobile devices. Further, on incurring any difficulty, the WedPlan team, especially the founder, Arun-ji is just a call away from fixing one's issues. The team indeed is very proactive and understanding and it is a pleasure to work with them. The WedPlan team is kind enough to follow-up on its services regularly and this made me appreciate their services very, very much.

I would highly recommend WedPlan to all, especially non-tech-savvy individuals because they will be really surprised as to how easy this software will be to use practically and allay the tension and feverish nervousness in the midst of executing a big, fat Indian wedding."

- A. D., Kolkata

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