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WedPlan, Online Wedding Planning Software has been developed by Ebizindia Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a NASSCOM member company. Ebizindia produces highly user-friendly software, like the Compliance Tracking software to make the life of its users easy. Work efficiently and save time to enjoy the life rather than slog at the computer.

We developed this software when we found people struggling with outdated software like spreadsheets where they had to update all the data themselves. With WedPlan, the data can be seen and updated by several members of your family and friends thereby sparing you from doing all the work.

WedPlan also includes a full fledged task manager and allows you to send scheduled SMS and emails to selected people with minimum effort. Try to send an invitation card to 100s of people with your spreadsheet and you will know the difference.

It's easy to experience the convenience of WedPlan. Request access details for a full demo through the short form on the right or checkout the low price here.

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