Managing Indian Weddings? We can Lend a Helping hand

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I can understand. Managing Indian weddings is complicated. There are so many rituals, events and things to manage. Even people with big teams can go crazy when the show is on.

Here are some activities related to managing Indian weddings and how WedPlan, our wedding management software can help!

Multiple ceremonies and events

Indian weddings typically involve multiple ceremonies and events, such as the engagement ceremony, mehndi, sangeet, haldi, wedding ceremony, and reception. Coordinating all these events can be challenging and time-consuming.

With WedPlan by your side, you can keep track of the ceremonies, dates, samagri, and guests in one place.

Guest list management

Managing the guest list is the most challenging task as Indian weddings often involve a large number of guests. Some are local, some are outstation. They arrive at different times and places. All outstation guests may stay at the same place or in different hotels.

WedPlan helps you to manage your guest lists more efficiently by keeping track of guest RSVPs, dietary preferences, and other important details. You can record their hotel details, and arrival and departure details. Keep all of these in a common database, for everyone in your team to see it.

Budget management

Indian weddings are expensive, and managing the budget properly is very important. Budget overruns can cause a lot of friction.

You can record the entire budget in WedPlan and keep updating this to stay in control.

Vendor management

Coordinating with multiple vendors, such as caterers, decorators, florists, photographers, and makeup artists, is so challenging. Each vendor has its own requirements and contact persons.

Record the details of each vendor and its contact person coordinates and make it available to all your managers. Update at one place and everyone gets the same info.

Logistics management

Coordinating transportation, accommodation, and other logistical requirements for guests and vendors can be very challenging.

WedPlan has a provision for recording information about the hotels, rooms, cars and all such related assets in one place. Very convenient!

Invitation Management

Guest contact information can change dynamically. They planned to arrive by a certain flight but are taking a different flight now.

Your person in charge of receiving the guest at the airport can see the updated arrival details of all the guests through the portal and never miss a guest. Say no to confusion!

But I already have Excel sheets to manage all these, you may ask!

Totally agree. You were managing the weddings till now anyway. However, if you can use a new generation tool that brings all your information in one, convenient place and allows you to access these through a laptop or phone, won’t you like to try and make your life easier?

Ok, this sounds interesting! Can I see a demo?

You bet. Just visit the WedPlan site and request a FREE demo. You will get access to the demo site where you can try out the different options yourself. Have questions? Ping me and I will happily answer your questions and clear your doubts.

Now that you can manage the complexities of Indian weddings more efficiently, saving time and reducing stress, don’t wait for tomorrow!

By using a centralized platform for communication, planning, and coordination, this online software can help you stay organized and focused on creating a beautiful and memorable wedding experience for your clients.

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