Still Planning Weddings with Diaries and Excel? Here’s A Better Solution!

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You know the pain. Planning Indian weddings is a complex task. Dealing with so many events, guests, rituals, arrivals and departures, vendors, tasks, menus… (the list goes on and on) is no easy task!

Tracking all these with diaries or Excel sheets is possible but not the smartest solution. You need to create complex layouts and structures and keep updating these.

Every time this data changes, you must send the updated versions to all the family members and volunteers. Nightmare for sure!

Is there a better way to plan weddings?

Ditch the generic software for your big day and come onboard a software tailor-made just for you. After all, something that fits best in a boardroom cannot make the cut at your wedding!

‘WedPlan’ is the ultimate software for planning weddings for managing Indian weddings because it takes the burden of formatting and creating templates off your shoulders. Your energy should be saved for the more important things like actually enjoying your wedding.

When you use WedPlan, you need to sign-up, login, import the guests’ details (or enter these through a user-friendly form), and you are good to go.

Gone are the days of the hassle of carrying your laptop around, hunting around for information and getting frustrated because you cannot remember which sheet you wrote something down in. With easy access, a centralised database and organised categories, you can now ask your dear sibling or even your friend to log into your family account and get that information in a few clicks.

When you are the star of the event, the focus should be on you and not on messing up notebooks or Excel sheets trying to organise your wedding data!

You can find all your guests’ accommodations, travel plans, pickups and drops consolidated in one place. You shall never forget anyone at the airport nor forget to send sweet boxes to your loved ones to ‘make their muh meetha.’

What’s more? Have doubts about a ritual or a pre-wedding event? Our comprehensive blog is ready with a solution. You can find guides for all such pre-wedding events so you can save that Google search for the outfit-inspo and the phone call to dadi for some heart-to-heart instead.

Check the software for yourself!

Still not sure? Sign-up for a demo and you will get access to a demo copy of the software by return email. See for yourself how this can be the second-best investment you make! (The first being your lovely soulmate, of course!)

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