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Deadline Management Software for Effective Wedding Planning

The wedding industry is a complex web of dates, tasks, and deadlines. As a wedding planner, you’re not just coordinating one big day, but often juggling multiple weddings, each with its set of tasks and timelines.

Missing a single deadline can spell disaster. But what if there was a way to streamline this process, ensuring that you never miss a beat?

Enter CTRACKER, a deadline-tracking software. Initially designed for businesses to manage their compliance deadlines, this software is a game-changer for wedding planners.

Why Deadline Management Software for Wedding Planning?

Precision: With so many dates to remember—engagement parties, bridal showers, dress fittings, food tastings, and more—it’s easy to let one slip. This software is built to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Multi-event Handling: You do not mix up the dates when handling multiple weddings at once. CTRACKER lets you organise dates for each client individually and have a common view to help you avoid overlaps.

Features Tailored for Wedding Planners

Easily manage multiple weddings simultaneously:
• Create a separate account for each wedding, with its own set of deadlines.
• View a consolidated dashboard to get an overview of all ongoing projects.

Automated Reminders:
• Receive daily notifications for approaching deadlines.

Task Prioritization:
• Allocate resources more effectively by knowing what needs immediate attention.

Collaboration Tools:
• Allow multiple team members to access and update the platform.
• Assign specific tasks to team members and track their progress.

Benefits Beyond Deadlines

Enhanced Productivity: By automating reminders and streamlining tasks, you can focus on the creative aspects of planning, rather than constantly checking the calendar.

Improved Client Trust: When clients see that you’re organized and on top of every detail, it builds their confidence in your services.

Minimized Stress: With a digital assistant ensuring that every deadline is met, you can breathe a little easier and reduce the risk of burnout.

Transitioning is Easier Than You Think

If you’re worried about the learning curve, fear not! CTRACKER takes 5 minutes to learn its operation.

Fully Mobile Compatible: Your team is always on the move, so a mobile-compatible software is very useful.
Training & Support: Their tech team will provide timely support if you need any help.
Data Import: There is an easy tool to import the deadlines from an Excel file.

A Cost-effective Investment

The investment involved in acquiring this software is so small, you will be pleasantly surprised. The returns in terms of time saved, mistakes avoided, and client satisfaction will help you recover the cost in less than a week.

Final Thoughts

In an industry where the difference between success and disaster can hinge on a single forgotten date or task, having a robust system in place is crucial.

CTRACKER, the Compliance and deadlines tracking software, offers a solution that marries technology with creativity. By adopting this tool, you’re not just investing in software; you’re investing in peace of mind, enhanced productivity, and the continued success of your wedding planning business.

Your Clients’ Perfect Day Begins with Perfect Planning. Embrace the Future with CTRACKER.

Managing Indian Weddings? We can Lend a Helping hand

I can understand. Managing Indian weddings is complicated. There are so many rituals, events and things to manage. Even people with big teams can go crazy when the show is on.

Here are some activities related to managing Indian weddings and how WedPlan, our wedding management software can help!

Multiple ceremonies and events

Indian weddings typically involve multiple ceremonies and events, such as the engagement ceremony, mehndi, sangeet, haldi, wedding ceremony, and reception. Coordinating all these events can be challenging and time-consuming.

With WedPlan by your side, you can keep track of the ceremonies, dates, samagri, and guests in one place.

Guest list management

Managing the guest list is the most challenging task as Indian weddings often involve a large number of guests. Some are local, some are outstation. They arrive at different times and places. All outstation guests may stay at the same place or in different hotels.

WedPlan helps you to manage your guest lists more efficiently by keeping track of guest RSVPs, dietary preferences, and other important details. You can record their hotel details, and arrival and departure details. Keep all of these in a common database, for everyone in your team to see it.

Budget management

Indian weddings are expensive, and managing the budget properly is very important. Budget overruns can cause a lot of friction.

You can record the entire budget in WedPlan and keep updating this to stay in control.

Vendor management

Coordinating with multiple vendors, such as caterers, decorators, florists, photographers, and makeup artists, is so challenging. Each vendor has its own requirements and contact persons.

Record the details of each vendor and its contact person coordinates and make it available to all your managers. Update at one place and everyone gets the same info.

Logistics management

Coordinating transportation, accommodation, and other logistical requirements for guests and vendors can be very challenging.

WedPlan has a provision for recording information about the hotels, rooms, cars and all such related assets in one place. Very convenient!

Invitation Management

Guest contact information can change dynamically. They planned to arrive by a certain flight but are taking a different flight now.

Your person in charge of receiving the guest at the airport can see the updated arrival details of all the guests through the portal and never miss a guest. Say no to confusion!

But I already have Excel sheets to manage all these, you may ask!

Totally agree. You were managing the weddings till now anyway. However, if you can use a new generation tool that brings all your information in one, convenient place and allows you to access these through a laptop or phone, won’t you like to try and make your life easier?

Ok, this sounds interesting! Can I see a demo?

You bet. Just visit the WedPlan site and request a FREE demo. You will get access to the demo site where you can try out the different options yourself. Have questions? Ping me and I will happily answer your questions and clear your doubts.

Now that you can manage the complexities of Indian weddings more efficiently, saving time and reducing stress, don’t wait for tomorrow!

By using a centralized platform for communication, planning, and coordination, this online software can help you stay organized and focused on creating a beautiful and memorable wedding experience for your clients.

Still Planning Weddings with Diaries and Excel? Here’s A Better Solution!

You know the pain. Planning Indian weddings is a complex task. Dealing with so many events, guests, rituals, arrivals and departures, vendors, tasks, menus… (the list goes on and on) is no easy task!

Tracking all these with diaries or Excel sheets is possible but not the smartest solution. You need to create complex layouts and structures and keep updating these.

Every time this data changes, you must send the updated versions to all the family members and volunteers. Nightmare for sure!

Is there a better way to plan weddings?

Ditch the generic software for your big day and come onboard a software tailor-made just for you. After all, something that fits best in a boardroom cannot make the cut at your wedding!

‘WedPlan’ is the ultimate software for planning weddings for managing Indian weddings because it takes the burden of formatting and creating templates off your shoulders. Your energy should be saved for the more important things like actually enjoying your wedding.

When you use WedPlan, you need to sign-up, login, import the guests’ details (or enter these through a user-friendly form), and you are good to go.

Gone are the days of the hassle of carrying your laptop around, hunting around for information and getting frustrated because you cannot remember which sheet you wrote something down in. With easy access, a centralised database and organised categories, you can now ask your dear sibling or even your friend to log into your family account and get that information in a few clicks.

When you are the star of the event, the focus should be on you and not on messing up notebooks or Excel sheets trying to organise your wedding data!

You can find all your guests’ accommodations, travel plans, pickups and drops consolidated in one place. You shall never forget anyone at the airport nor forget to send sweet boxes to your loved ones to ‘make their muh meetha.’

What’s more? Have doubts about a ritual or a pre-wedding event? Our comprehensive blog is ready with a solution. You can find guides for all such pre-wedding events so you can save that Google search for the outfit-inspo and the phone call to dadi for some heart-to-heart instead.

Check the software for yourself!

Still not sure? Sign-up for a demo and you will get access to a demo copy of the software by return email. See for yourself how this can be the second-best investment you make! (The first being your lovely soulmate, of course!)

Crazy offer for Wedding Planners – Call for Details

Are you still planning client weddings with the good old Excel?

Your business is to provide a great experience to your clients, not struggling with Excel. Doing it the hard way only gets you more frustrated and leaves a scope for damning errors.

Move up to the shining new tool – WedPlan.

Software for Wedding Planners

WedPlan helps you to plan and manage the complete wedding through a modern, efficient software that your entire team can use together – 24×7 from anywhere in the world. This frees you to focus on serving your clients (what makes you money).

Take a demo and see how you can move to the fast lane – easily and without spending a fortune! Visit

Shhh… We have an offer you simply cannot refuse. Ask Arun (9831027107) about it.

Customer Testimonial: A D

The best reward for a software publisher is a good customer testimonial. I am happy to share the one received from A D (full name withheld on request).

“I subscribed for the WedPlan service in August 2015 for my wedding which was coming up in January 2016. WedPlan made my wedding planning very structured, and its well-planned and meticulous features never gave me an opportunity to miss out on any detail whether it is ceremonies, gifts, events, vendors, card distribution, etc.

Foreseeing my marriage in early 2015, I had already started preparing a detailed guest list on Microsoft Excel with my parents but the comprehensiveness which WedPlan allows in its own data of guest list is simply amazing. It allows one to go into great detail such as providing individual preferences and facilities for guests, setting reminders about serving them on certain dates and occasions, etc.

WedPlan’s interface is pleasing to the eye, easy to use, comprehensive, and easily accessible across mobile devices. Further, on incurring any difficulty, the WedPlan team, especially the founder, Arun-ji is just a call away from fixing one’s issues. The team indeed is very proactive and understanding and it is a pleasure to work with them. The WedPlan team is kind enough to follow up on its services regularly and this made me appreciate their services very, very much.

I would highly recommend WedPlan to all, especially non-tech-savvy individuals because they will be really surprised as to how easy this software will be to use practically and allay the tension and feverish nervousness in the midst of executing a big, fat Indian wedding.”

Thanks AD. We will continuously strive to make clients like you happier 🙂

The free, no-obligation demo can be requested here.

Common Wedding Planning Mistakes in Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are elaborate and require extensive planning. Small slip-ups can come in the way of flawless fun and guest satisfaction. Most wedding planning mistakes happen because you are getting too much stressed looking after everything yourself. Careful planning and timely execution can help in a big way.

Let’s look at some of the common goof-ups and bloopers which have the potential to undo your hard work, leave you embarrassed or your guests disappointed.

Budget considerations: You must draw up a carefully thought-out budget with broad and detailed views. But we Indians are so often found guilty of it. The moment you let emotion take precedence over your rationale, know that you are in for trouble.

You need to deliberate and match your expectations with available resources at every point and plan accordingly. Plan a budget effectively and save yourself from over-blowing it.

Consult all stakeholders: Consult all stakeholders like the bride (or the groom), your own family, and close friends for new ideas and get a draft budget. Some areas will need you to loosen the purse strings to get the wow factor while you can sit tight in other areas. If you have hired a wedding planner, he/she can give you an idea of the expenses involved in the different aspects.

Don’t miss out on an important guest: Ah! This is such a real threat to so many Indian weddings. We tend to miss out on some important family members or business associates. Start building your guest list early and refine often. Approach the list group wise like own family, maternal side, paternal side, in-laws, business associates, clients, vendors etc. Keep in mind that you will end up adding at least 25 guests to the list at the last moment.

Create separate guest lists for various events: Every guest is not invited to every event. You need to mark guests event wise. So you may be inviting 300 guests in one event and 800 in another.

Invite your guests as early as possible: It is only natural that you would want your closest friends and relatives to be available for your nuptials. They should be informed about the wedding schedule as early as possible.

Cards are sent much later but you should send “block your date” notices early so that they can make their plans. Outstation guests have to book tickets which become costlier if not booked early.

Request R.S.V.P: This is still not very popular in India but the concept has many advantages. You can get a fair idea of how much accommodation you need for outstation guests. You can request RSVPs in email invites. Call and confirm with those who have not responded to the emails.

Steer clear of busy vendors: Popular vendors are busy. They will have multiple assignments on the day of your events. However, you must ensure that they personally supervise your functions or appoint a senior level guy who can take quick, on the spot decisions when needed.

Don’t feel shy to negotiate rates with your vendors: We are often too shy to ask for discounts or negotiate rates with our vendors. Most vendors keep some margins to reduce rates on request. However don’t squeeze them so much that they are forced to cut corners.

Constantly follow up with your vendors: You need to be regularly updated on the progress of the different activities status and take note of any impediments that the vendor may be facing.

Work closely with your makeup artist: The bride and the groom need to discuss the planned make-up in sync with the wedding dress. This will result in a harmonious look. If you are not well-rested, no makeup in the world can make you look gorgeous.

Give enough time to your photographer: The photographer needs to meet your family people a few times so that he can identify all the members fairly well. This will ensure he can take good shots and cover them well during the different ceremonies.

Discuss beforehand the songs your DJ would play: It is very common for us to appoint a DJ for the wedding. You should review and / or guide him about the mood you want to build up and he should be guided as to which songs to play and not to play. You don’t want him playing a popular raunchy number during a wedding function.

Try to avoid inaccessible venues: The venues get booked quickly and identifying and booking venues should be done at a very early stage. Some great venues may become a misfit during different seasons. A lovely outdoor venue will be useless in the hot summer season while a low-lying venue will be inaccessible during rains. Transport connectivity & parking facility are also important considerations.

Ensure that your venue has the basic amenities: A lot of venues don’t have proper basic amenities. It would be prudent to check whether it has standard washrooms and lavatories, first aid kits and proper security arrangements in place. If your venue lacks these amenities and the management cannot help, you should make those arrangements from your end or have some backup options.

Check whether your venue has a separate antechamber for the bride: This is a very important requirement which is often overlooked. A bride needs a small private chamber to freshen up, rest her back or just catch up in private with her mom or sister for a word or two before or after the wedding, away from the glare of the camera and the prying eyes.

Familiarize yourself with the venue beforehand: It is extremely important that you and close members of your family visit the venue multiple times before the wedding. You should know the venue like the back of your hands. You should know which stall has been put up where and which room is for what purpose. Don’t act like a ‘guest’ in front of your guests on the all important day.

Make proper seating arrangements: A lot of times we forget to make proper seating arrangements for our guests. Often, there are kids, expecting mothers, elderly as well as sick guests who may be inconvenienced by the lack of enough seats. Have enough number of chairs and importantly get them placed strategically so that they can be availed easily.

Try to have backup plans: The most important advice that I give to all my clients and friends is – don’t leave anything to chance. If you are hosting your wedding in an open space, make plans for unexpected weather. Don’t let it play spoilsport. If you are having a destination wedding, arrange for transport facilities to take your guests around. Don’t hope for things to fall in place on their own. It is always wise to be prepared for any kind of contingency.

Monitor your buffet spread: Start the buffet a little early so that the guests who are in a hurry can be served. Ensure that the food is hot and the containers are regularly refilled. The guests should not be kept waiting for food to arrive once a container in the counter has been emptied. If your guest list is primarily non-vegetarian with a few vegetarian invitees, there have been instances where not enough attention has been paid to the vegetarian stalls.

Delegate duties to responsible members of your family: You cannot manage it all alone. Assign responsibilities of different departments and functions to family members and friends. Review the progress regularly though.

Attend to all your guests. Some guests are super-special. However, you should personally attend to each of your guests. Ensure that they are comfortable and enjoying the rituals. Ask those close to you to be vigilant and see that no guest leaves unattended or dissatisfied.

Drink enough water and follow a proper diet: So often we stop eating properly before an important event in our life because we are so tensed. This is just the time when we should be eating a good diet and having enough water.

Feel happy and wear it on your face: Marriage is a happy union of two souls. Always wear a radiant smile on your face. Make your guests feel comfortable. Drown in the gaiety. Happiness is infectious. If you look happy, people around you will be happy too. Don’t sit with a stressed or grumpy look.

I wish you all the best for your wedding and hope that you don’t get anxious or nervous. I also recommend that you take the help of a professional and reliable, end-to-end wedding management software, WedPlan, developed by Ebizindia.

With this, managing the logistics becomes easier and you can focus on the creative aspects and most important – the occasion.

Punjabi Hindu Weddings – Fun-filled Rituals which Enthrall

Punjabi Hindu weddings are loud and extravagant.” Really? This is a common perception that the world has about them. But I have a different view. Are they a fun-loving race? Yes, but so are most of us. Only that they are probably a bit more expressive than some of the other Indian ethnic races. I will discuss their wedding rituals to establish my point.

You would never find the mood sombre even at such a solemn occasion. There is a dazzling array of colors on display, beautiful ladies decked up in designer lehenga-cholis and heavily embroidered sarees and handsome gentlemen in sherwanis and expensive branded suits.

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WedPlan Software: Indian Wedding Planning Made Easy

“Is WedPlan useful for planning and managing only Indian weddings?” This is a question which is often asked by our foreign clients and prospective customers. The answer- “WedPlan can make planning any wedding much easier; not only the big, fat Indian weddings.”

Most of the complex planning and management issues of weddings across the world are similar. We developed this software with the belief that complex problems require simple solutions.

Let us see some common challenges of planning a wedding and how WedPlan solves them:

Guest Data Management

Probably the biggest challenge of them all. You will suddenly recall one more name just at the last moment and need to update all lists quickly. Including them in the invitee list, getting an updated count and like. Easy-peasy with WedPlan. And completely secure too.

E-invites Management

Sending e-invites in keeping with the current trends? WedPlan lets you send personalized e-invites to your guests with an optional RSVP option. Your guests can just click on the button in the email and update their RSVP status.

Scheduled Text messages

WedPlan lets you send text (SMS) messages on a pre-defined schedule with smart lists. All new guests added till the time of sending the text get included in the list automatically.

Integrated Task Manager

Wondering how to keep track of the 1000s of tasks related to the event plans? We have got you covered. WedPlan includes a fully integrated team-based task manager so that you can assign tasks to your friends and family members who are helping you with the arrangements.

Budget Planning

You need to plan the budget for your wedding, right? WedPlan will make the cost calculations and budgeting process much easier than using clumsy Excel sheets where you need to set formulae for everything.

Events Calendar

WedPlan includes an event calendar that shows all the events in a nice calendar view including the ceremonies, arrival and departure records for the outstation guests. Now you can have complete peace of mind and stay organized.

Vendor Management

WedPlan helps you to record venue and vendor details in a common location, easy to recall and look up whenever you need it.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

The software can be used from anywhere, at any time and you just need a browser and an Internet connection. Superb option for a multi-location situation where the different people helping in the planning are in diverse cities or even countries.

All these facilities make WedPlan a truly “global” product. 

There are so many more things you can do through this online wedding planning software. Check them out for yourself. Take this no-obligation, FREE DEMO, and discover the pleasure of convenience and power.

7 Ways WedPlan Beats Excel for Wedding Planners


Are you planning a wedding for your family member? Or a client? Thinking of using Excel to manage the entire show? Stop using outdated tools and move up to the latest.

Introducing WedPlan!

Check out these 7 ways WedPlan beats planning with Excel hands down.

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Wedding Planners Ahoy! Meet WedPlan

As a professional wedding planner, you very well know the 1000s of minute details required to plan and organize a wedding in India. Sometimes, even for a professional team, it’s pretty unnerving. Our wedding planning software, WedPlan has special advantages for professionals like you!

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