New Trends in Indian Wedding Industry

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The Indian wedding industry keeps innovating. The decor, dresses, invitation cards, gifts have seen drastic changes, compared to even the last year. Now everything is tied in a theme. 

Millennials prefer to adopt several unconventional ways to their wedding. The introduction of  marriage websites are the newest trends of  Indian weddings. At the same time, people are so busy, they are using advanced tech tools to plan the weddings.

Additionally, find out why it is important to have a website dedicated to your wedding. 

Creating a wedding website 

It is quite common to create a wedding website nowadays. type sites are easy to come by. While some get these designed by considerate friends or use online tools available for this, others involve professional designers to create a wow effect.

Wedding websites can do a lot

Couples planning to showcase their wedding events, can select whatever option suits them. Some are just posting the different events and later, sharing photos of these events. I have also seen people create a blog like journal where they pen details of how they met, how they fell in love, how they are spending the pre-mariage days and like.

These websites can also act as a medium of communication between the bride/groom and their guests.  Couples use the website to inform the invitees about the wedding venue location, marriage date & time or gift registry (if any). 

Inform:  Let your  guests know everything about your upcoming wedding 

Share your pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding details with your guests. Include the following information and make the site more useful:

  • Add a map to the marriage venue so that your guests know how to reach the place.
  • Inform your guests if you have any exclusive plans for your wedding (e.g:  if you are inviting any special singer on your sangeet night or you are having a DJ night or even the dress code).
  • Brief your outstation guests about the lodging arrangements or any pickup/drop facilities.
  • Let them also know about the auspicious time ( muharat) of the significant rituals.
  • Tell your guests about food arrangements. Let your guests know if you have plans for a buffet, sitting facility or combination of both.     
  • Let them know if you have chalked out any exclusive ideas for your wedding ( any special theme or destination etc)

E-album: Store your memories to cherish in future 

You can store your wedding photos and upload videos on the site. This be very useful for the guests who could not attend the different rituals and events. You can also invite your guests to upload their photos (set these up for approval before going live or you might get some naughty photos up too).

RSVP: Provide RSVP options in your website 

People these days are quite busy and thus sending invites and collating the  RSVPs can be time-consuming. You can ask your guests to RSVP on your own website. This activity will save time and money of both you and your invitees. Wedding websites have exclusive features,  they will let you keep track of the RSVPs.

Security – protect from prying eyes

You should consider adding a password protection to your website, at least sections of it, if it contains sensitive information. Many guests may not want to have their photos posted publicly. Similarly, you may also not want to put all photos, videos etc for general public consumption.

In this age when tech has taken over almost every industry and everyone carries a sophisticated computer and camera in their hand (aka the mobile phone), you don’t want to stay behind. Get an attractive website done for yourself and enjoy!

Wedding Planning

Planning the various events, keeping track of the guest invitations & different events, and 1000s of tasks cannot be done by as single person. You need a team of friends and family members who have to work together in taking care of the different aspects of the organisation.

WedPlan is a great tool to take the stress out of the intensive planning required to execute the wedding with perfection. No bouncing around of Excel files. Everyone updates the central database and accesses the latest information.

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