Pre-wedding Photoshoot

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Pre-wedding photoshoot has become very popular nowadays. It is the newest trend of the millennial generation. Present-day couples consider that good photos determine one’s social image.

According to them, photography trends are governed by social media-Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. The moment a wedding date is set, the bride and the groom prepare for the pre-wedding photoshoot making it a top priority of the couple’s check-list.

Why should you opt for a Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Established photographers and wedding industry experts are of the view that there are several reasons for the popularity of pre-wedding photoshoots. Every couple wants to save moments that tell a romantic story of the duo. The brides and grooms prefer the concept of the pre-wedding photo shoot so much because they want to celebrate their romance in a more informal way.

Besides this, there are several benefits of pre-wedding photoshoots:

With pre-marriage shoots, the photographer can understand the exact requirements of the clients in advance. This way he can increase the comfort factor of the couple for the final wedding-day clicks. According to photographers, a pre-wedding shoot is a rehearsal for the wedding day.

A couple can find out how they would look in front of the lenses. This way they can make the necessary changes to their complete look and be their best on a special day. Feedback from the couples is also important for a photographer, as he can change the way he/ she clicks a snap.

Furthermore, the couple also develops a clear understanding of the style of photography of the cameraperson. One can discuss the modifications required in the way of shooting for the main wedding day.

Through this act, a client can develop an essential level of confidence in the photographer and presume fantastic capture on their D-day. It is amazing to know that, photographers include a pre-wedding shoot in their packages to understand their clients better in advance before the wedding day.

How to plan your own Pre-wedding photoshoot

Follow the innovative trend of pre-wedding photo session if you want to collect eternal timeless pictures of your wedding. Usually, a pre-wedding shoot takes place a month before the wedding day. Plan in advance for your pre-wedding shoot so that you have enough time for deciding on different aspects of the shooting.

Choose a well-acquainted photographer according to your budget. Several city photographers offer packages starting from Rs 20,000 or so. A photographer determines the cost of the package based on the manpower, number of locations and set of equipment used for the photoshoots.

Many photographers include the cost of the wedding and pre-wedding photography in one single package.

After you arrange for a photographer, discuss and decide on the locations. If you want a rustic look, shoot your pre-wedding photographs in the outskirts of the city on a pastoral site away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can also click photos in the old city area for a more classical presentation.

Hire photographers to click snaps in the most natural way in any outdoor location. If you are bold and adventurous you might also prefer boudoir shoots. If you are a fun-loving couple, you can use funny entertaining props. You can even opt for drone photography (which is quite common with the elite class these days).

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