5 Great Ways to Ensure a Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Day

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tips for selecting wedding venues

How we wish, managing weddings were easier. Alas! It is not. Selecting an appropriate wedding venue is more difficult than choosing the bride’s wedding attire. Not kidding!

You have to keep in mind a thousand considerations. To top it all, you are expected to make quick decisions. And that’s why we are here. To make things easier for you, to make your wedding a much smoother process.

Here’s how you can choose a better wedding venue:

1. Select a venue with slightly higher capacity than your list

To be sure of the number of guests turning up at your ceremony is impossible in an Indian wedding. You can only have a tentative number. And it pays to be prepared for the worse than being embarrassed.

Select a place which has more capacity than your guest list. That way, if more people decide to bless you in person on your D-day, you can accommodate them all!

2. Watch out for the season

If you are in for a monsoon wedding, be very selective. If the area gets flooded, you don’t want your guests to wade through knee deep water, do you? Similarly, for a summer wedding, ensure that the venue has adequate air conditioning and generator facilities at disposal.

 3. Ask for the services they offer

Did you know that you are not allowed to hire your own caterers in some venues? Ask this question to your venue manager before booking them. Often, venues have their own service providers and you have to select one from them only. The default ones may exceed your budget or not match your food quality or menu type expectations.

In fact, ask all sorts of questions till you are sure you are at the right place.

4. Check your venue logistics

Is it easily accessible? Some areas have busy traffic in the evenings and are very difficult to reach quickly.

Is it popular or you will need to provide directions? A good venue is very important for your guests to even make it to your program.

Some guests need to take buses and taxis on the way back. Will they get a decent conveyance easily when they leave?

Does it have enough parking space? Is valet parking service available or can be arranged?

Ask these questions to yourself and seek the answers thoroughly. In fact, you should try to visit the place while an event is on to verify the facts about decent air-conditioning, decoration etc.

5.  Make sure it is not ‘too large’

I recently attended a wedding where the venue was so large that the party looked empty despite having quite a few guests. It is perfect when it is not too crowded and not too empty!

The way the venue has been designed and built can add aplomb to your wedding. Make sure you take the right decision.

For more on weddings and their better management, stay tuned!

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