5 Useful tips For Smarter Wedding Shopping

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5 useful tips for wedding shopping“Shopping!” – the word that takes up maximum mind space 3-4 months prior to the wedding. Isn’t it? You must have seen brides, grooms and their family members stressing incessantly over their wedding shopping budgets and schedules.

There’s always room for improvement. And there always are smarter ways to do simple things. Below are 5 useful tips you can use to become a smart wedding shopper:

1. Shop during weekdays

There will be fewer shoppers and more salespersons at your disposal. Definitely a good way to shop in peace. You will definitely end up getting more in half a day than you do in an entire weekend.

Working people can probably leave an hour early from their office and shop till the store closes 🙂

2. Don’t take kids with you

Because they really slow down the process. They eat between meals, need to frequent washrooms more often and generally get crankier as the day passes. That’s how kids are.

Unless you are shopping for them, it would be good to leave them behind. Distraction free shopping is quick shopping.

3. Carry snacks and water with you

Not only kids, even adults have the habit of eating  between meals. And when you stop to eat more often, you end up wasting a lot of time. It is always better to continue ticking things off your shopping list till your tummy gives up totally.

You can carry small food packets which you can quickly eat and move on. And then have a lavish meal in the end (or during lunch). Time and money – both saved!

4. Research before you shop

Wedding shopping is not just about apparel. There are scores of other things on your list. Find out which place in your city is famous for which item on your shopping list. You can probably cover-two to three adjacent areas in a single day and save on traveling time.

If you are going to a different city to shop, doing your homework becomes all the more important. No point wanting to buy crockery and wedding attire on the same day if the best crockery place is available at one end of the city and best wedding attires are available at the opposite end.

5. Carry big bags / a suitcase with you

You will probably end up buying many things from many stores. Carrying them around in separate small bags will be a clumsy affair. A suitcase with wheels is the best way to lug the weight around effortlessly.

And if you don’t want to wheel the bag around, some big bags are good too. It will keep all your purchases in one place and help you keep at least one hand free.

Keep watching this space for more tips for managing your wedding preparations.

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