5 Things Brides Should Plan Well Before Their Weddings

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plans brides should make before their weddings

If your wedding preparations go haywire, your wedding will be a mismanaged mess. Thankfully, you will have a lot of help from your elders in this regard.

Yet, as a bride, there are a few things only you can plan. What are these? And how do you do them? Read on:

1. Plan your shopping

Shopping is perhaps the most exciting part of your wedding preparation and hoopla.  And ironically, the most unplanned one (in most cases). If you don’t plan your shopping lists before you hit the markets, you will end up spending more but still not be satisfied. And you will end up wasting time as well.

Make proper lists of minimum & maximum requirements wherever possible. For e.g. 10 pairs of footwear (two casual, two formal, two for heavy Indian wear, one matching your wedding attire & so on). This will not only give you a direction but also make your shopping more planned, efficient and quick.

It does not mean you don’t buy that extra pair which is breath taking and a must have for your shoe rack. It is your wedding. Pamper yourself by all means. But plan it well.

2. Trips to the tailor

Does wedding mean clothes to you too? Don’t worry. You are not alone! And now that you have brought your clothes, your tailor will become a very important man in your life.

The best way to plan your stitching, altering and refits is to keep a target of having everything ready two weeks before the wedding date. Even your wedding ensemble. Shop for clothes that need stitching and altering before other things and give them to the tailor right away.

The idea is to not leave anything related to altering, tailoring etc for the second last day of the wedding. Either get this sorted or cry in a corner while one of your aunts hastily alters them before the ceremony. Choice is yours!

3. Maintaining your health prior to the wedding

Most people confuse health with dieting & losing weight. As a bride, this mistake could be catastrophic for you. If you want to look fabulous in the mandap, you need to eat well and not stop eating.  All it will do is – make you sick and weak on your D-day. And a sad bride does not make for a happy ceremony.

If you really need to slim down, do it in the right way. Shift to a healthy, balanced diet & add some physical fitness into your routine. Consult a professional if need be. Get lots of beauty sleep, take power naps and drink lots of water. Build stamina to withstand stress. You will need it during the wedding days.

Looking your beautiful best is important. I agree. But feeling beautiful is more important. No point being the most stunning bride who is too tired to smile in her own wedding!

4. Make up for the day

Make up is such an important part of your whole dressing up process. But – how have you seen any of the brides plan about it? Perhaps never. Probably, like others, you too were just going to hire a beautician who would come on your wedding day to deck you up.

The problem with this arrangement is – you never know what it is going to be like. You don’t know if it will match your skin type or go with your wedding attire. What if it is too loud? What if you start suffering from an allergic reaction right before going for your reception?

How do you plan your make up? Very simple! Meet your beautician and get a trial make up done. Also, discuss your skin type and allergic tendencies with him/her so that the person knows what not to use on you. Also talk about how you like it – a simple look or a gorgeous look.

Plan even these small little details. It does not hurt to do so.

5. Have someone as a partner in your plans

You will need a thousand things on your D day. And you will be surrounded by people, performing countless rituals and generally losing track of things. In this chaos, what if your important stuff goes missing?

Have a friend / cousin who knows all about your plans & arrangements. Make that person responsible for knowing how to find the stuff that you lose in your suitcase, get you water when you panic, retouch your make up from time to time and be around you 24×7 during those 2-3 days.

Having someone around who is privy to all your requirements for the wedding is important. That person will help you relax and remain stress free. They will be like your beck and call friend.

Besides, you are the bride. Getting pampered is your right! J

All said and done, don’t be just a beautiful bride. Be an intelligent one too. Plan well for your wedding. That way, you will be able to relieve some pressure off your parents who are trying to manage and pull off a fantastic wedding ceremony for you. Besides, planning never goes out of vogue. Does it?

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