7 Ways WedPlan Beats Excel for Wedding Planners

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Are you planning a wedding for your family member? Or a client? Thinking of using Excel to manage the entire show? Stop using outdated tools and move up to the latest.

Introducing WedPlan!

Check out these 7 ways WedPlan beats planning with Excel hands down.

1. WedPlan can be accessed from anywhere, anytime as it is a web-based software. With WedPlan, you just login from any browser and start working. Excel works off Windows and Mac computers and wedding planners have to carry the Excel files around if they want to use it on a new computer.

2. Excel is neither interactive nor pro-active unlike WedPlan. In Excel, you can add and view the contents and you can also summarize. But adding and viewing the complex data of a wedding is quite cumbersome and you need to make several compromises when planning with Excel. WedPlan shows you relevant data in different formats as applicable to the context.

3. WedPlan is multi-user and different people can login at the same time seeing identical data. However, Excel files are updated by one person and sent to the different people. This is not only cumbersome. but error-prone as everyone does not see the latest data at all times.

4. WedPlan is pro-active and can send scheduled SMS and emails automatically whereas, Excel data needs to be taken out and merged with some other software manually before an SMS or email can be sent.

5. WedPlan can be used on a large desktop as well as the small smartphones. Try viewing and editing Excel files on a mobile phone and you will immediately see the benefits.

6. You need special skills to create an Excel which will tackle many aspects of a wedding plan but WedPlan has in-built pre-designed nice looking and well laid out data for easy visualization. Who needs to tackle unwieldy formulae in the busy times of a wedding!

7. WedPlan allows you to request your contacts to update their contact information and even RSVP themselves. With Excel, you need to collect their responses and update all the data yourself. What is the value of your time spent doing this menial job?

Experience the convenience. Check out a free demo of WedPlan and see why moving up to WedPlan is a smart move.

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